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We want to be your one stop shop for all your aviation needs, and our list of capabilties is continuously growing to serve your needs. We take pride in our shop, we have equipped our shop with some of the most recognizable names in tooling and equipment. We know that having the right tools for the job reduce the time needed for the job and ensure that the work meets or exceeds or standards. Beyond our tooling and equipment is our dedication to solve any discrepancy and to do so in a manner that leaves your aircraft in the safest possible condition and does so without impacting your wallet as heavily.

Aviation is an expensive lifestyle and we understand that, and want to help lessen the financial burden on you. Our goal is get you back in the air with a quality service at an affordable rate, we have priced out other shops and have set our standard labor rate below the regional average. Many of our services our listed below and to the right, if you are looking for something you dont see, let us know as we often are able to fulfill any request.

Our Services


  • Avionics Installation & Integrations
  • 91.411 & 91.413 (VFR & IFR) Checks [coming soon]
  • Pre-Buy, Annual & Conditional Inspections
  • Airframe Maintenance & repairs (Major or Minor)
  • Engine Maintenance & repairs (Major or Minor)
  • Engine Overhauls and Prop Strike Inspections
  • Performance alterations (exhaust, prop, etc)
  • Airframe alterations (ipad mounts, stall strips, etc)