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Annual Inspection
100 Hour Inspection
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Conditional Inspection
Prop Strike Inspection

Annual Inspection Pricing

All of our inspections are based on a flat rate for the inspection & associated preventative maintenance. Our annual/100 hour inspections follow a combined checklist that includes the factory documentation and our own in-house knowledge. All annuals exceed the requirements set forth by FAR 43 Appendix D. So you can trust that your aircraft will be as safe as possible for your future flights. We pride ourselves in our quality of work & excellent customer service. For your convenience we provide pickup and delivery, detailed reports, and updates on our progress.

Whats Included

  • 3 Hours AD Research & Report
  • Wash Aircraft & Powerplant
  • Clean, Gap, Test, Rotate Spark Plugs
  • Pre & Post Run-up Systems Check
  • Servicing Battery
  • Oil & Filter Change (Labor Only)
  • Removal & Installation of Panels & Interior
  • Air Filter Replacement (Labor Only)
  • Lubrication as Required
  • Check of Cable Tension & Rigging
  • Cleaning, Inspection & Repacking Wheel Bearings
  • Landing Gear Extension & Retraction Test
  • Magneto to Engine Timing
  • ELT Test & Inspection Far 91.207 (Labor)

Champ • Chief $840
Citabria $900
Decathlon $900
Bonanza 33 • 35 • 36 $1,780
Baron 55 • 56 • 58 $2,825
140 through 152 $940
170 • 172 • 175 • 177 $1,400
172RG • 177RG $1,500
180 • 182 • 185 $1,500
T182 • 182RG $1,550
205 • 206 • 207 $1,350
T206 • T207 $1,550
210 $1,660
T210 $1,880
P210 $2,000
337 $2,600
T337 $2,675
P337 $2,795
310 series $2,800
T310 Series $2,850
320 Series $3,000
340 Series $3,220
402 Series $3,650
404 & 414 Series $3,650
421 Series $3,895
SR20 $1,600
SR22 $1,850
SR22T $1,950
DA20 $1,400
DA40 $1,750
DA42 $2,200
DA62 $2,600
M20 $1,600
J3 • J4 • J5 (Cub) $840
PA-11 • PA-12 • PA-18 (Cub) $900
PA-20 • PA-22 (Pacer / Tri-Pacer) $975
PA-28 140/180 (Cherokee) $1,400
PA-28R 180/200 (Arrow) $1,500
PA-28 235 (Dakota) $1,450
PA-24 (Commanche) $1,600
PA-32 (Cherokee Six) $1,500
PA-30 • PA-39 (Twin Commanche) $2,600
PA-23 (Apache / Aztec) $2,600
PA-31 (Navajo) $3,055
PA-34 (Seneca) $2,730
PA-44 (Seminole) $2,340
PA-60 (Aerostar) $3,600

While our list is extensive, it is not exhaustive. if your aircraft is not listed please give us a call at (904) 374-6288 or stop by and we will be happy to get you a flat rate for your specific aircraft.

100 Hour Inspection

100 hour inspections are identical to annual inspections, the only difference is the 100 Hour can be signed of by an A&P. Our 100 hour pricing is identical to the Annual inspection pricing above and includes the same scope and detail as the annual as well.

Prebuy Inspection

We highly recommend getting a prebuy for any aircraft you are purchasing or planning to purchase. We have often times seen that buyers will skip the prebuy inspection, and purchase an airplane only to turn around and spend six thousand or more dollars in repairs. We dont work for the seller, we work for you the buyer and we will list every discrepancy we find, whether it be large or small, that way you can make an informed purchase. We offer several different options for prebuys listed below. For Annual/100HR pricing see above. Please note that prices for inspections other than annual/100Hr vary based on installed options, airframes and supplemental installations.

  • Annual/100hr Inspection:
  • Powerplant Inspection
  • Airframe Inspection
  • Landing Gear Inspection
  • Any combination of the above

Conditional Inspection

Experimental aircraft, we havent forgot you. We offer Conditional inspection services for experimental aircraft, due to the many different make and models of experimental aircraft we dont have a pricing list at this time. Our conditional inspections follow the manufacturer recomendations and are usually simular to an annual/100Hr on a certified aircraft.

Prop Strike Inspection

Two dreaded words in the world of aviation. A Prop Strike is something every owner hopes to never hear with regards to his aircraft. Unfortunatley with such a dreaded set of words its often followed by some mandatory expenses. One such expense is the Prop Strike Inspection. The engine must be completly disassembled and certian parts must be replaced and some must go through some form of non destructive testing. We use specialized companies to perform our non destructive testing, such as magnaflux or ultrasound on the parts requiring inspections. With many parts requiring replacement we can utlize overhauled components or new depending on your needs. We offer these inspections at a flat rate,  listed below.

  • 4 Cylinder Lycoming or Continental Engines
  • Flat Rate Inspection: $9,988

  • 6 Cylinder Lycoming or Continental Engines
  • Flat Rate Inspection: $11,998